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A word from the founder
I introduce myself to Johanie Prémont, eternal dreamer and optimist, perfectionist but simple at the same time. Epicurean, like my father, I like to discover and then share the little pleasures of life with the people who are close to my heart. I advocate respect, open-mindedness, advancement, freedom, self-love and more, or as my mother would say “more more” - G. Marin. I don't save lives, on the other hand, I like to make the people around me feel good and feeling good also means feeling good at home. Now that I think about it, I could have simply introduced myself as Johanie Prémont, a VERSATILE person
Versatile is an online home goods store with the mission of offering decorative objects of excellent quality and at a fair price. Our commitment is to offer local products whenever possible, candles and mist that are made with environmentally friendly ingredients and of course we are committed to offering our customers peace of mind and simplicity.
You like the concept? Stay tuned, we have been constantly growing since 2021 and our goal is to always offer you more new products. Versatile, this is just the beginning!
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